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Registration Process

1. Avoid mobile phone, tab and use computer/laptop to attend the test.

2. Ensure correct spelling for Your Name, Email, Gender, Phone, Your School Name, City as they are used for your certificate preparation. Further updation of details will not be allowed.
3. Login details will be sent to your email. Please check your Spam/Junk folder also.
4. Login with your registered email and password sent to your email.
5. Take the test.
6. Results will be announced immediately.
7. Students who have participated in SSO and willing to join SSO-international level in US should do so in the same year itself. The merit / award, Visa, Travel documents will not be accepted for next year competition and they cannot travel to US along with next year group organized by Go4Guru.
8. Documents like Passport, Previous Visa (all countries including US), US and other country living status if applicable, of the parent(s) who are in abroad, will be scrutinized before applying for US visa. This is strictly undertaken to avoid illegal migrants. So the parents should give all pages of the passport copy and all visa copies along with other documents, if one or both parents are in abraod.

All the best!